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FicFun & Dreame apps need original, independent fiction for its digital libraries – now they’re offering cash advances plus royalties and potential promotional opportunities to upload.

Launched in 2017, STARY has signed and paid over 900 writers under its brands, FicFun & Dreame. Among Google Play’s top book apps, FicFun & Dreame have amassed a combined 600K+ downloads. In the second half of 2018, approximately 2,000 works of fiction have been uploaded to its platforms, while simultaneously averaging an increased rate of 400 works per month, a number STARY expects to keep climbing. Boasting a wide variety of genres: STARY features a plethora of genres including YA, romance, teen fiction, horror, suspense, Sci-Fi, fantasy, and LGBTIA+.

Proven to cater to the tastes of its readers, over 40% of STARY’s total books have millions or tens-of-millions of reads. STARY has established a mutually beneficial ecology with the writers’ program – a program that offers remuneration, book promotion and IP adaption, and in return encourages writers to create original stories.

STARY offers support to writers wanting to monetize their content and consistently helps them keep their creative writing via its app’s subscription model. Built on domestic and international publishing experience, STARY maintains a policy of encouraging the creation of localized and original content for local markets.

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