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Even so as Jane wrote her story (which is how the experience felt to me) she incorporated costs into her character. Every creator knows that every product has costs. A toaster, coffee maker, automobile, building uses electrical power in this modern era. The material that goes into them has to be bought with money. And so on.

Jane (and all my other superhero characters who are stronger than ordinary humans) has to eat more than standard humans. Her muscles are several times stronger but at the cost of being denser than ordinary tissue, so she weighs more.

The women are all movie star beautiful. This has social costs as well as benefits. Too many women envy her. Too many men want her. She's denigrated as not being very smart, the blond superhumans are often called "dumb blonds." She is sometimes accused of winning something because her beauty warped the judgment of men and other women.

Crimefighters must hide their superlative nature under an ordinary persona to avoid repercussions of many sorts.

In short, a character need not have flaws, negatives. But to be convincing they must at least have costs attending each plus.
I have some reservations about these "costs."

You say that Jane has to eat more to keep up her superhuman strength. That's fine, but doesn't that make her sexier to a lot of people? I know I've heard a lot of comments about how much sexier women are that can really pack away the food (especially meat) and not show it. As truly subjective evidence, I point to the many Carl's Jr/Hardee's ads that feature sexy women eating huge burgers.

Also, I'm not sure that the social costs of being beautiful outweigh the benefits. I'm by no means suggesting there aren't social costs to being very attractive, far from it. But the whole "woe is me, I'm too beautiful" complaint falls flat for me.

It just seems to me like you've chosen specific "costs" that conveniently make your characters more hot.