Does anyone have experience with exercising an audit clause? I'm putting feelers out to find an auditor and see what my options are, but this is all kind of new territory. Trying to figure out if it's worthwhile, how long it'll take, etc.

It's a relatively small press (as in, not Big 5, but large for its niche-ish genre) based in the US, mostly ebooks with audio and POD print, and I've had books with them for 10 years. The two books in question have earned roughly $27,000 combined, and the publisher has admitted that at least my most recent royalty statement had an error thanks to a computer glitch (suuuuure it was) that caused it to show $0.01/copy for one title. So I have reason to believe there have been "errors" and "glitches" in the past, and I'm not exactly quibbling over a book that's earned $50.

So... have you audited a publisher? Was it worth it? Can you tell me anything about the process?