Hi everyone! (please toss this into the right thread if it's not there already)

Would love to know if anyone has any insight on BHC Press. Their website and book covers look amazing; however, there is little information on those running it.

Quick Pro/Con
- They lay out their detailed marketing and distribution plans and are clear about expenses and royalties; however, they do not list any of the names or accolades of their senior or founding staff (just the interns).
- Their books have won plenty of (somewhat legit) awards and have been reviewed in real trade publications; however, not many (if any) have broken 1M in Amazon rank. That could be due to many factors though.
- In doing some digging, I found a Joni Firestone as an official press contact on numerous book-signing press releases sent out by BHC; however, deeper digging reveals a link to a Vern Firestone (known for running Triad Publishing Group: a company that disappeared--making off with thousands in unpaid author royalties-- and reappeared under a different company name, HIlden Gate Books, which also disappeared).
- They are an active member of the IBPA and claim to meet IBPA's standards for hybrid publishing; however, I can't find enough on Joni or Vern to know if they have tangible experience in the publishing industry. I believe they ran a cover design service called Blue Harvest Creative; but that's all I've got.

So this is just me, one person, digging around. My assessments could be way off base; so someone with deeper knowledge, or perhaps one of the over one hundred authors published by this company, please clear up some of these things. They seem like a pretty promising hybrid, assuming the Vern Firestone of Triad Publishing is not the same Vern Firestone of BHC.

Thanks in advance!