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I’ve had a website for sometime now and all I really know is that A couple of beta readers were looking at my short stories and commented back, "I loved it do you have another." I sent them my web address and never heard from them again. It must have been my picture. If only I had a trendy look.
I have given up on Amazon, removing my reviews that were honestly gathered. I’m looking into asking a friend who has a large mailing list if he would advertise my book release. But in the back of my mind it seems wrong somehow, and then I think, but I would pay him. I don’t know I guess I’ll have to think about it for a while.
Good thing I look so much like Brad Pitt... I crack me up.

I have a ton of old short stories, and I'm thinking about putting up a story-of-the-month on my website - and advertise them on Facebook just to attract visitors.