I'm writing a MG fantasy involving a shape-shifting trickster who's targeting a classmate of the MC (who, in turn, is after the trickster, attempting to catch it).

In an upcoming scene, the trickster pranks the MC's classmate during a games class. Both the MC and her classmate are 11-year-old girls in England, and my initial idea was field hockey practice, but I wasn't certain whether it would fit the surroundings.

There are two definite elements in the context: 1. The story's set in January.
2. The MC's an American girl who's just moved to England with her family. (I mention this for the sake of completeness - if it's unlikely she'd actually be taking part in the practice, I can still have her watching on the sidelines; she's aware at this point that the trickster is after the classmate, and intends to step in and counter it if the trickster shows up.)

If field hockey practice would be wrong for that time of the year in England, what likely PE activity would fit?