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Not ever encountered basketball in the UK. I've once played volleyball, I think it was at school and hated it for the way it jarred my wrists. Wasn't commonly played way back when.
PE's changed a fair bit in recent decades. When I was a kid it was just football, rugby and cricket for the boys and netball, hockey and rounders for the girls. I hated it (though hockey was okay) and wanted to be playing rugby with the boys. Indoor PE I did pretty similar stuff to what you described.

These days both boys and girls play all the sports and they also include sports like basketball quite often. My oldest plays basketball at secondary school.

All the gyms I encountered had ropes from the ceiling that you had to set up by pulling them across - on a very strong curtain rail up at the ceiling. Bars on the walls - that could be climbed fixed to the wall, or pulled out from the wall like opening a door and parquet floors.
More modern school buildings probably have something different and some sort of different floor.
I was thinking of the same thing - wasn't sure how to describe it. The schools I went to and my kids' primary school (can't remember about the secondary school I think they have a dedicated PE hall) had bars like this on the wall that got pulled out for PE if we were doing actual gym and left where they were for other types of PE lessons or when the hall was being used for lunch, assembly etc. I also remember when we had to sit on benches by the bars in PE (e.g. while waiting your turn to do the activity) some of the kids used to climb up the bars and get shouted at by the PE teacher, lol.