Dodgeball question:

My 9 year old plays dodgeball in school PE and also they sometimes run a dodgeball club during the half term holiday (one week off mid term) which my kid's gone along to before. They play indoors in the hall* with a foam ball and school PE benches. There are several different games they play with the same equipment, not just dodgeball. I watched my kid at dodgeball club, one of the games involved a prison area where kids are captured and put in the "prison" and they have to be released by kids on their other teams throwing balls. I couldn't follow the rules.

I've heard of a game similar to dodgeball being played in secondary schools too but it was run as part of a lesson on netball so specifically geared to improving netball skills - it wasn't so much that you try to hit players with the ball - you have to throw the ball so it can be caught by one of your own players not one of the other team's players. It was played with netballs not foam balls.

*in most primary schools they'll have one school hall that's for assembly, PE and lunches with furniture/equipment that can easily be put out and put away.