Well, I didn't really decide. They did, but you guys know how characters work. You just go with their flow. However since it is Upper MG the loving will limited to holding hands and maybe a first kiss.

The MG project that I put them in is a contemporary fantasy set in a different world. With that in mind I was wondering if it was okay not to have anyone against their ways? I don't want them to be hated because of which gender they love. They already have to much on their plate that they need to deal with. For example, kidnappers, monkey guards, etc.

But is not having anyone against their ways bad? I just don't want to add too much that they will have to deal with. I mean their world will still have people who are against their ways. They just don't run into them.

BTW, I know most books that have gay characters have the characters deal with haters, but I just don't want that for the reasons stated above. Is that okay?

Sorry if my words are all jumbled and if I'm repeating myself. I don't think my coffee's kicked in yet.