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To All-

Too many of us have written good books, but then have the problem that no one wants to read what we wrote. There have also been few scientific studies on why people choose specific works. So, I just want to survey people at Absolute Write: What gets you yourself to pick up a novel to read it? Also, conversely, what makes you decide not to read a book you were thinking about? I want to hear about how and why you yourself make choices. The more people who respond here the better.
A few things here. Sometimes it's based simply on a recommendation, but I still factor in the source and the story. Other times I will read a novel if there is a movie or TV series about it that I liked. Sometimes it's based on the author. If you want to also know how I decide what to read when, a lot of that is based on what I am in the mood for. Like many on here I have my own small library to choose from so anything I am in interested in I have a book on it.

I am not interested in science fiction or religion.