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Thread: What promo efforts do NOT sell novels

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    Quote Originally Posted by LJD View Post
    I just think it is misleading to list social media as something that "definitely doesn't sell books," when for some people, it definitely does...

    I think there are many different things that can work, and certain things will not work for all people. I would not discount social media as something that cannot work, though it is obviously not necessary, as evidenced by the many writers that do without it. I honestly do not believe I would have a career with this second pen name without Twitter, and I have heard other romance authors say the same thing.

    And yes, writing Asian-Canadian romance may be part of it. Because, yeah, to some people that is a niche genre, just because I write characters who aren't white. They're still rom-coms, though. The idea of Amazon having an Asian romance category, quite honestly, made me laugh, though perhaps it shouldn't have. My books are currently listed both as romantic comedy and multicultural & interracial romance.

    (This does create issues for ads, though. On FB for example...who on earth should I target? I know some authors do great with FB ads, but in the little I've played around with them, I've just wasted money. Will have to try again at some point...)
    I agree, LJD. Social media works for a lot of people. From what I've seen many who claim it doesn't work do not use it correctly. Most people only think of social media as spamming their books all over the place or begging people to read their work. Yeah, if all you do on social networks is spam and never interact or form relationships with industry folks it's not going to work. Social media puts you in touch with readers universally that you wouldn't reach otherwise but you can't just do it to sell books. One of the biggest ways social media has helped me is I've been able to score networking opportunities and cross promotion with authors who write what I do. No way would I have been able to connect with even a fourth of the people I've come in contact with in the industry without social media. It's a blessing to people like me. I'm an introvert and I have social anxiety disorder. I can't stand being around people and if I had to rely on physically promoting my books outside of the home I'd be in horrible trouble. Social media has come a long way. I admit, I wouldn't even be on any of the platforms if I wasn't an author but it's been a blessing for someone like me because I can promote, market and network without leaving my house.

    What has been the most effective way to sell for me lately are ads and having a presence on Bookbub. It's getting now to where you gotta use Amazon ads, FB ads or Bookbub ads if you want a chance at visibility. Amazon is ridiculous now. Everyone and their momma running ads on there now because without ads, it's getting impossible on Amazon because they have done away with Also Boughts on many pages so organic reach is nonexistent. At least I am wide though and not fighting for visibility like KU authors. I have other avenues where I sell my books and not dependent on fighting for eyes at one store.

    A mailing list is a must too because those are your most loyal fans who will always buy your books.

    But yeah for me lately ads, Bookbub Featured Deals (when I can get them), permafrees (making book 1 of my series free) have been most effective. Other things I used to do don't work anymore or are no longer worth the effort. For example, I have a PA (personal assistant) who promotes my books for me too. I'm seriously thinking of getting rid of her because what she is doing isn't effective anymore. It's not her fault and she does a great job, it's just that her promotion isn't as effective as other things I do. It's weird because a PA used to be all I needed. I used to have 3-4 PAs at one time promoting my work. But times have changed and like everything else with self-publishing, you gotta adapt to survive.
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