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Thread: Seeking beta readers for fantasy/romance novel (first act, ~25k) [updated 8/19]

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    Seeking beta readers for fantasy/romance novel (first act, ~25k) [updated 8/19]

    I'm looking for beta readers who would be interested in taking a look at Papillon, my magical-girl contemporary fantasy/lesbian romance novel. It's been through several drafts, and I'm hoping to make the next one the final draft. I'd like to start with the first act, and folks interested in reading more certainly can when I'm ready to get feedback on them.

    I'm primarily looking for feedback on the story, whether it works well or not. The novel has frequent bits of backstory laced alongside the present plot, so I want to make sure it makes sense to readers and doesn't leave them confused. I have some potential changes in mind, both minor and major, and opinions on those would be helpful. Feedback on the writing itself is also welcome.

    As mentioned, this is a magical girl story, inspired by iconic animes such as Sailor Moon. Familiarity with the genre isn't requested for a beta; it'd be helpful to know if the tropes are presented in a manner that doesn't confuse people unfamiliar with them.

    Here's a potential blurb/query-letter summary:

    Five years ago, Faye Brice and four fellow teenage girls saved the world. Now, she lives an ordinary life with a mundane job, her past as the heroine Papillon nothing but a secret memory. The magical beings they called "Outsiders", once invaders and now welcomed in Garden City, only serve as a reminder of the excitement and wonder Faye once knew.

    A chance meeting with a butterfly-woman Outsider piques Faye's fascination, compelling her out of her cocoon to get to know the butterfly-woman better. Mutual curiosity soon grows into friendship, one that leaves Faye wondering about whether her new acquaintance thinks of her as more than a friend...and one she soon has reason to fear the Outsider authorities' perception of.

    The deeper Faye dives, the greater her disinterest in normality grows. Her companionship becomes merely a window into a world she wishes to be part of once more, but what Faye might have to do to truly have magic back into her life could sever her remaining friendships with her fellow heroines, risk the secrets they share, or even endanger the peace between worlds they once fought so hard for.
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