Joe Biden is one big gaffe after another. I don't think his brain is connected to his mouth. There seem to be a few gears missing. If he's the front-runner, it's because he used to be VP under a popular president. I don't see any other reason for his being front-runner. The guy's got no charisma at all. Or any noteworthy ideas.

I also think that ex-vice-presidents make weak presidential candidates, and even weaker presidents. I think that this was the problem with George Bush Senior, who had been VP under Reagan. People voted for him because they liked Reagan. So Bush was riding the coattails of someone else. He wasn't standing on his own popularity. He was standing on someone else's. If you have to stand on someone else's reputation, you're not a strong candidate.

Ex-VPs don't have the battle that other presidential candidates have. They don't have to fight as hard to win the nomination. And they can't fight for much when they're in office.

If Biden hadn't been VP, he'd be doing worse than Bill DeBlasio.