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Thread: Macmillian limiting library access to new e-titles

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBooks View Post
    For super popular books, the library buys multiple copies if it can afford to.
    That's part of the tricky aspect; they don't buy the book. Neither do you or I.

    The book is licensed. The closest similarity is to a software license. Some of the publishers licensing through Overdrive have a one file/book copy, one user. Others offer a time limited license; a library must pay a fee to renew the licens after a contractual determined time period. If a library stops subscribing to Overdrive, the licenses go away.

    That's the part that I dislike the most; that the content is not local to the library or owned by the library, and is therefore ephemeral.

    One of the main reasons for libraries to use Overdrive is that Overdrive provides all the software/infrastructure for inventory, and checking out, returning, holds, renewals, etc. and assist in integrating their software with the library. That's a huge cost saving.

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