August brings into sharp focus and a furious boil
everything I've been listening to in the late spring and summer.
- Henry Rollins

Seemed like July was here and gone in a flash. Welcome to August, and the August NaNo Goals Thread. Hope those of you who had a successful Camp experience are revved up and ready to move ahead, while those that didn't do so well at Camp (::raises hand:: ) or didn't Camp at all are eager to set new goals.

Most of my goals are holdovers from July. I'm dialing back on new goals since I know my August is going to be batshit with rehearsals; if I get anything done at all it may be a miracle. But here goes:

[ ] Write 5k words on Book 5 of my series - 0 of 5,000
[ ] Read three books - 0 of 3

[ ] Publish Book 3 of series
[ ] Determine promo for Book 3

[ ] Review text of Book 4 of series
[ ] Rewrite acknowledgements of Book 4
[ ] Submit Book 4 to formatter/designer

All right, the rest of you: what are your plans for August?