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Thread: Where are all the white male poets?

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    Where are all the white male poets?

    People on my Twitter dashboard have been talking about this, so I figured it might be worth a thread here.

    The article in question:

    The good news for me is I’ve done well. I’ll forever count myself among the lucky dogs that anyone has ever wanted to read my poems, let alone to the degree they have. I see some other successful poets going through the same thing and hope they feel as grateful as I do for the ride they’ve had, a ride that’s not over, just evolving in ways it should have long ago.

    Which is to say I’m a straight white guy and the face of poetry is finally changing. The hottest book of the past few years is by a black woman. The hottest book of the past year is by a black man, followed closely by a book of poems by a Latina. The hottest book of the moment is by a gay man born in Vietnam. From winners of major literary prizes in recent years to Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Book Also Bought” section, the books that come up least often are by straight white men of any age. The faces of poetry have changed.
    A couple thoughts:
    a. It's good that underrepresented authors are getting a place in the poetry community.
    b. I am not a straight white author... but my poetry isn't usually about being LGBT/AFAB/mixed-race/etc. I don't think he's saying that minority poets write about their situations, it's just a feeling I get sometimes that this article reminded me of.
    Last edited by Samsonet; 08-04-2019 at 04:08 AM. Reason: Changed the title to make the topic clearer

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