So I hope this is the right place for this for I am not exactly talking about analog tools for I am talking about software and old school technology that counts as some kind of computing.

So I did I quick search and I haven't found a thread that is talking about people's picks for writing software and/or devices like the Alphasmart and eMate 300 for the task of writing. So I figured I would start one!

As far as software goes, I use a combination of The Novel Factory (, OmmWriter (, Write! (, World Anvil for it is PERFECT for World Building ( and I use to use this site all the time until I got a program that mimics it, The Internet Typewriter ( I am trying to learn Scrivener as we speak and I don't really use Microsoft Word for I have done wayyyyy too many reports and essays for it also be a tool for creative writing.

For devices, I use a combination of my Alphasmart Neo and now (which I just today and I am soooo sooo excited to have in my collection and I might have already hugged it) my eMate 300. Which by the way, the eMate is so beautifully retro that I can die of happiness for having something so ahead of its time.