I posted a question on SYW and it was kindly suggested that I try over in this part of the forum, which I hadn't honestly noticed before. I'm NOT looking for a normal beta reader, but I am looking for someone to look over a 5-page chapter-by-chapter outline and tell me what they think. This is for something I'm still in the planning stages of, but I'd like feedback on the overall concept before I get into it.
This is my second book. (Maybe third? Do novellas count?) My first one was very simple, pretty straightforward, not overly complicated. Now I want to try something more complicated, and I'm looking at multiple POVs and a plot that is (hopefully, at least a little) more complicated. I'm not sure it is, though, because it could just be "this seems like it's going to be hard to write to me, so therefor I think it's complicated." I've done a chapter-by-chapter outline, to help me plan and keep track. Last time, my "outline" was just the overall idea and it fit on one sheet of handwritten paper. This new outline is five typed pages long. (Again, maybe that's not that long for other people, but it seems so to me)
Would it be appropriate to post the outline here and see what folks say about the plot? My outline is mostly purposely missing things like character motivations, etc., it's just what I think of as the "blocking" of the story, so I know what's supposed to happen next. I'm looking for feedback on plot holes, or things that seem too easy or not enough conflict, or whatever else along those lines. Does it seem balanced? Is there enough plot/subplot? Have I accidentally written The Wizard of Oz in space? (That's my worst fear, that I write something that seems good to me, but it only seems good because it's essentially another story and I don't recognize it.)
I gather that some folks on this part of the forum are also emailing stuff, which I'm fine with, too. Please send me a message with your email if you're interested and I"ll email it to you, if that's the preference.

Genre: SFF, adult, hopefully, though I suspect the bones will make it look YA
Feedback: I used to work for a newspaper editor that made Jonah Jameson look kind. I can probably take it. As mentioned above, I'm not looking for "writing" issues because it's just the outline, I'm looking for story/plot issues.
Publishing: Someday, maybe, trade?
Credentials: Like and read SFF

So, what's the consensus? Appropriate to post it here? Email it only if someone is interested?