I also use my pen name, which is Pia Sophia, although it is actually my first name. I just don't use my last name, for a number of reasons:
- I don't want my husband or future children to ever be in a position where they have to defend themselves for their last name. Our last name is very rare (the only ones in our country that go by that last name is us, and my husband's parents and brother). I write dark stories that can really be seen as controversial. So to protect them I decided not to use my last name publicly.
- I don't want my patients Google me and find these dark stories I've written. Same reason as the first, really, but this one's more to protect myself in way.
- I like the anonymity. I am not a famous writer whatsoever, but I do advertise my work online and therefore am easy to find. I would not feel comfortable to have all this private information online.