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You might want to see if there's some online aggregate for royalty free plays.

Playwrights who offer their work royalty free often have their own websites with the plays available for PDF download (or via an email request). This would mean listing the title and genre of the play, a brief synopsis, how many male and female actors needed, and how many settings. IMO, this would be the smartest way to go, because it accomplishes your goal and eliminates the need for a middle man (and bypasses submission processes, vetting, and rejection). You could also consider putting together a compilation of his plays and self-publishing via Amazon print-on-demand or for Kindle.

Samuel French and the Dramatist Play Service are two of the biggest publishers of plays. You can certainly look into what their submission policies might be. There are other smaller publishers specializing in plays also. But if a play is published by these houses, they charge per performance royalties. (It's how they earn real money beyond just the sale of the book.)

If any of his plays are appropriate for school ages kids, you might want to look into arts education royalty-free publishers/publications.

Agents will not have interest in royalty free plays. Furthermore, unless the plays have had a recent professional production, it seems unlikely that agents or publishers will have any interest.

Overall, going a traditional publishing route feels like the longest of long shots and involves time & effort.

Unfortunately, there are a zillion plays floating in the ether, making for very tough competition. And, sadly, given the cutthroat nature of the business, few will care about your father's indomitable and altruistic spirit at his advanced age.

Ironically, wanting to give them away for free makes it all that much tougher than trying to get them published for profit - which is hard enough.

Good luck!
Thank you very much! This is exactly the sort of info I was looking for, even with the caveat at the end. Lots for my brother and I to work on.

If we do go the website or Kindle route, next will be figuring out how to get them seen... but that'll be another post. : )