Hi all -

I'm posting on behalf of my 97-yr-old father. He's a prolific playwright but has never marketed his work much; he's had some put on by local theaters and radio in the past, and some readings.

His desire now is simply to make his plays available to anyone who wants to use them - community theaters, schools, nonprofits, etc. -at no cost. To get the work out there, as widely distributed as possible. While I'm sure he'd love to see something professionally produced, it's not his primary motivation.

He's asked me and my brother to help him with this. Neither of us have experience with playwriting or the theatre. (We've helped him put some of his short stories, and one previously unpublished novel, on Kindle.)

Any suggestions? Please note that given my Dad's age, things that might have a long time lag, like submitting to agents, are do-able but not optimal. Thanks in advance!