So I'm seeing this as a good thing for a couple of reasons. 1: I was pretty sure I was going to get a rejection. It was for a flash fiction magazine and I don't really write (or really enjoy writing) flash fiction, but I've been trying to broaden my writing horizons and I tend to overwrite so I thought it would be a nice challenge. 2: Having my first rejection means I actually tried to submit something so it's progress. I actually just posted another submission to the same magazine so we'll see how it goes. I think this one's better so I have higher hopes, but I'm still kind of expecting a rejection. Their word count limit is 1000 words and my flash fiction literally has 999 words so...I did it, but just barely. I'll let you guys know how it goes, but I shouldn't be hearing from them for about 4-6 weeks so we'll see. I'm still seeing this as a win.