Hi all!

Unspeakable, a queer Gothic anthology, is seeking submissions.

  • Unspeakable is a digital-first publication (meaning it will be released in the common ebook formats MOBI, EPUB, and PDF first). Paperback copies will follow in a print-on-demand format.
  • It will be published in January 2020.
  • Short stories need to be 8000 words or less. Flash fiction/micro fiction is very welcome
  • The last day for submissions is September 16th, midnight UK time.
  • Unspeakable aims at an adult audience. Stories featuring teens or children are okay, as long as the intended audience is adult.
  • Sexual content is fine. Please note that this is not an erotic anthology, however, so your monster porn is probably better off somewhere else.
  • nspeakable is an inclusive anthology, and welcomes submissions with queer protagonists, and/or stories that ‘queer’ Gothic tropes.
  • Stories set outside of the Anglophone world, and stories that consider intersections along the lines of sexuality, race, class, and (dis)ability are particularly welcome. If it’s Gothic, we would love to read it.
  • The current rate is £10 for stories under 1000 words (flash fiction) and £20 for stories of 1000 words or longer. We are currently in the process of planning a fundraiser through Kickstarter, the proceeds of which will hopefully be enough to provide a higher payment.

If you're interested, you can find more on the website or shoot us a message on Twitter. The website also has further contact information, in case you have any questions.