A great mind – I don’t recall the name – said once that barter is what’s happening when a barefoot tailor meets a naked shoemaker.
This is what I am offering: a barter proposition. I love to write science fiction, short stories and novels, but using native language (Romanian) gives me access to a weak editing industry. I want more, I want better because every narration deserves a proper editing service.
I can write in English, at least sort of it. But I desperately need a patient beta reader to help me improve the text before sending it out to magazines and agents. Swap readers work fine for similarly gifted writers, which I cannot pretend to be.
What I can do is to offer in exchange a different type of writing. Software code, that’s what I do for a living. I am looking for a skilled beta writer, can be a harsh one, I don’t mind, for long term cooperation. In exchange for looking over my writings, I am ready to offer a fully developed website, including hosting. The only thing that I cannot provide is the domain name, which must be purchased by the owner itself.
If anyone is interested in this, please let me know. Thanks.