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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooklyn_Story_Coach View Post
    Wait, what? 4k words per day!! How long? Of what quality? I've never heard of anyone having that kind of production before!
    4000 wpd runs to about seven densely paragraphed, single-spaced pages at 12 pt. Times New Roman with 1.25 inch margins. It's far from being a totally impossible output for some writers. But, each person's individual working pace is so unique that I suggest you don't use it as a measure of what you "should" be doing.

    I don't use wordcounts myself, because I find it's a false target. It won't make me more or less happy with a scene, and it doesn't help to count something I may not keep in the manuscript anyway. I prefer to gain something substantial in a day's work: a piece of dialogue that developed well; a scene that picked up some emotional impact; or a character blossoming in unexpected ways. If I complete a whole scene and one or more of those things happened, I feel good about it. If I finish a chapter, and it has a "good" feeling on re-reading, then that's satisfying too.
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