Does anyone else feel that it's easier to tell yourself "I'm going to write 500 words twice today" instead of "I'm going to write 1000 words today"?

I know it's a simple mental strategy, breaking things into smaller more digestible pieces, but for me it seems to work. I learned this from running on a treadmill. If I was going for a forty minute run and checked the clock to see that only ten minutes had passed and I was already tired the remaining thirty minutes would seem incredibly daunting. Instead what I would do is break the run into segments. I'd listen to some songs for a set fifteen minutes, then watch a TV show for a set fifteen minutes, etc. When I would check the time my brain, even though I knew I was doing a forty minute run, still looked at the end of each segment like a finish point and this motivated me to keep going.

Sometimes writing flows and before you know it you've written a ton but when it becomes hard and feels more like work I've found this to be an effective strategy.