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Thread: Derailment from a Beta Project Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by chompers View Post
    Your example of your Beijing friend is totally apples to oranges. He's obviously not Asian. The person I was talking about was Asian.

    I don't know who Jeff P. is.

    You are mixing an entire country with one demographic. Again, apples to oranges.

    Fresh Off the Boat, if it was intended to be used a derogatory manner, would not have been used then for the show title, as it would have insulted many. Can you see a show called N- ? It's that title because he had just come from his mother country and is learning life in a new country, as you said.

    Go visit LA and see how different they act and look, and how they differently they are treated based on their looks, by their own race.
    There's a hockey team called the Canucks.

    It's the title because he -- and his family -- were considered other when they moved to a less-diverse area. He had not just come from his "mother country" His parents went to college here; he was born here, is a big fan of hip-hop, etc. Only once they got to Fla was he considered .... Fresh off the Boat... because they were looked at as exotic others.

    Jeff Probst.

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