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Thread: No Longer Need Betas, Thanks!

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    No Longer Need Betas, Thanks!

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to beta read my novel, THE FOSTER. It's been through two sets of edits now and is slated to be published in January.

    After this last edit, I've made so many changes that I'm afraid I've created plot holes, or given too many (or not enough) clues to the ending. I'm looking mainly for fresh eyes to comment on the above concerns. I'm also looking for someone who can overlook typos. I'm aware that I've introduced new errors while changing things around and will be addressing them after any plot issues are cleared up.

    I would prefer someone who reads fairly fast--I'd like to get this back to my editor ASAP, so that we can get to those line-edits.

    I'd be willing to swap reads. I have not beta-read before, but I do like to read suspense, thrillers, post-apocalyptic, and horror (but nothing overly gory, more the psychological stuff). I also love dog and/or cat related memoirs.

    As for what you'd be reading, here is the current blurb for THE FOSTER (also being edited, not the final version):

    When Maya Deegan agrees to foster Judge for the third time, the idea of a dog being capable of murder is absurd. Sure, he's aptly named for his piercing stare and overprotective nature, but he's otherwise just an ordinary Catahoula leopard dog. That is, until his most recent adopter accuses Judge of killing her husband, and the widow’s paranoia swiftly weaves its way into Maya’s life.

    As Maya questions the true intentions of the wayward dog, her live-in boyfriend, and the estranged father who's recently returned from prison, she untangles a web of lies. But will she realize the full danger of allowing the icy-eyed predator back into her life before it’s too late?

    Please let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks!

    ETA: I Found three betas, but if anyone needs a beta and writes what I read (see above), I'd be happy to pay it forward.
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