@The Second Moon, @ajaye, @starrystorm

Thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful. In the end, I went for the kid characters, as I think when a person glances at the covers, the pencil might be confusing. Plus there is also a separate journal book coming out later, so the pencil would be suited for that.

Here is how the final covers look, I would love any thoughts or feedback:

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I did consider changing up the background color, but I think it makes it less clear that they are part of a series, so I probably won't be going for that:

Alternative rejected designs - Click to make bigger

Plus, there's also a Word Scramble series, so I think it's better using one background colour for each series to make it easier to tell them apart.

Scramble series - Click to make bigger

Thanks for all the help, and I'd love any further opinions.