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If you don't allow guys in the sorority house, then you can slut-shame any other woman you see with a guy. 'Cause, you know, public purity.
To be fair to the gals, most of them had boyfriends they slept with and so on. The "no men upstairs" rule was imposed by the national charters.

However, back in the 80s there was still a lot of slut shaming in and out of the Greek system. The "s" word was tossed around liberally, with little sense of irony, and it was mostly applied to women (with the occasional "male slut" joke). And the few of us who called out the double standard back then were roundly dismissed, even mocked, even if we weren't in the Greek system (and the overwhelming majority of undergrads were not at my campus). Not that sorority culture isn't especially messed up.

Meanwhile, some studies have found fraternity guys are 300% more likely to commit rape than the college male population as a whole, and women in sororities are 74% more likely to be raped. I'm sure not all frats are equal in that respect, and maybe some chapters are well behaved, but there are some that have especially bad reputations nationwide (like SAE)