So first off, let me tell you where I am in my writing process. I finished writing the first draft July 3 and am now working through rewrites, cutting, self-editing. The first draft came in at 231K words. I am currently working through an early section that might cut 10k words.

FYI - Genre is medieval fantasy.
Target is to have a self-edited draft ready for beta-reading by October (might be too ambitious given the size of the work)

1. What types of Beta-readers should I choose?
- currently I have 5 betas lined up - none of them are writers or have any affiliation with writing. But they are all avid readers and enjoy reading fantasy books, which is in line with my Genre. I have some type of connection with all five.
- Should I also find people who work in the writing industry or have experience beta reading? It makes me nervous working with people that I have zero connection to.

2. How many beta-readers should I have?
- I initially thought 5-6, but I read something recently that advised having upwards to a dozen. Reason being, some won't finish, it gives you a wider demographic to use, and it gives a variety of opinions.

3. Questionnaire
- Is it appropriate to send a list of questions to ask? I have at least 20-30 questions that I would like to send. (And I am open to suggestions on questions to ask)

4. Tentative plan:
- I would send the questionnaire in advance and advise them of the word count to confirm that they are interested and committed to the beta-read. (i.e. I want them to understand what I am expecting)
- I would send them the first two chapters to cut their teeth on it. If the are invested, I will send the remainder in 10 chapter groups.
- I would give them a month to complete the beta-read.
- I would schedule a follow up call(s) to discuss their feedback and responses.

I am very good at taking criticism. My older brother has been a developmental reader and has been brutal at times. But I have listened, conversed, sought clarity, suggestions, and then returned to him with improvements.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Thank you - KRD