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Thread: Writing People of Color (oldie but goodie)by Mari Naomi

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    Writing People of Color (oldie but goodie)by Mari Naomi

    I didn’t see that this was ever posted here but if so I apologize. I appreciate this article by MariNaomi as a POC and learned a lot even though I’m not even a comic writer.

    “Aside from doing research in order to make a believable character, in addition to leaving one’s personal (and media-learned) biases at the door, I don’t know the right answer to my friend’s question. How can she infuse PoC into her story in a believable manner, when her experience has only ever been as a white person? What are some pitfalls to avoid, and some goals to strive for?

    I’ve decided to pose this question to some of my favorite cartoonists—people who have experience not only writing diverse characters, but portraying them visually as well.”
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