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Okay, here's a question that's plaguing me lately. I'm developing my MMC for the romance I want to write, and he has a serious issue with being objectified due to his good looks and sex appeal (which he has in spades). He has a very good reason for this which I won't get into now. Let's just say he's had a rough past.

The thing is, it feels almost wrong to write about him from the FMC's perspective, because obviously she's going to be physically attracted to him.

This sets up plenty of conflict, I guess, but it feels almost...hypocritical of me as a writer? Like "Hey, my hero is really uncomfortable being objectified as a sex symbol! How HOT is that? Let's spend a couple hundred pages using him to fuel our sexual fantasies!"

Is this okay to do? Am I freaking out over nothing?
This almost seems like a problem I would have because I care about my MMC so much but I think since it's a story anything goes. You would not be hypocritical. As long as your characters are being true to their nature it's all good.