I went through a major writing slump that lasted years, but I'm trying to get back in the saddle. After spending about a month working on and off getting the major details of my world set in writing, I've been trying to do some practice scenes and chapters. However, this hasn't been easy, especially because I can't decide what perspective to use.

I usually write the first draft in first person. The metaphors and descriptions are easier, since I'm "in the character's head" as you put it, and I know what they would think and say. The downside is that my pacing takes a severe blow and I have an extremely difficult time moving from scene to scene (i.e. progressing the story/passage) in a natural-sounding way. When I write in third-person, this isn't a problem. This is why I've been rewriting in third person when I hit a block. I mostly just incorporate the word choices I like from the first draft. Third person is also easier to improvise when I don't have a plan in mind.

I don't think writing everything twice is feasible or reasonable, though the practice might be worth it.

Anyone know what to do?