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Thread: Reading Resources: How Not To Sound Like A Heteronormative Dope

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    Reading Resources: How Not To Sound Like A Heteronormative Dope

    This sticky is based on the original 2009 thread. Many of the links in that thread suffered the curse of the Internet, link rot.

    Safe Zone: Being An Ally

    The Heterosexual Questionnaire

    The International Foundation for Gender Education

    Semantics, Gender and “Cis”

    Heterosexual Privilege Checklist

    Queer 101: Comic about sex, gender, and sexuality

    The Trans Language Primer
    Gender is extremely personal, and trying to express our understanding of gender is personal and complicated. These words help us express those things in ways that each other can understand. Our hope that this primer will help smooth that process.

    GLAAD Media Reference Guide
    GLAAD's Media Reference Guide is intended to be used by journalists reporting for mainstream media outlets and by creators in entertainment media who want to tell LGBTQ people's stories fairly and accurately. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive glossary of language used within the LGBTQ community, nor is it a prescriptive guide for LGBTQ people.
    In other words, this is a style guide for writers. You might want pay particular attention to terms to avoid. See also the note about queer. Note that the Guide is updated regularly, and that you can download a .pdf of the Guide.

    Introducing Steven Petrow’s ‘Civilities,’ an advice column on LGBT/straight etiquette
    A Washington Post advice column.

    Respecting the significance of queer spaces and An Etiquette Guide For Straight People Who Go To Gay Bars *Note: This goes to a non-https site; your browser or security software may chide you.

    Feel free to PM AW Admin or MacAllister with additions.
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