I'm a huge Marvel and Image fangirl for western comics, but I've been reading mostly manga lately going off recommendations from a few folks on Twitter.

Top ones I can recommend:
Gokushufudou: Way of the House Husband - A legendary yakuza retires to the life of a house husband, trading in hits and gang business for cooking shows and exercise classes. (It had been fan-translated only, but it's officially licensed for release in English and coming soon)

Dungeon Meshi/Delicious in Dungeon - After a team of adventurers gets wiped in a dungeon and loses one of their own, they're left with no supplies to launch a rescue mission until they decide they'll just have to eat the monsters they kill along the way. (Up to 6 issues in English)

Ojisama to Neko - An old man adopts a cat that's been considered too ugly and too old to be adoptable. (Fan-translation only)