Not mine, but passing on the lead-- Diabolical Plots is open to subs for July, 2019.

Complete information at the link, but highlights from the guidelines page--


Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror (everything must have speculative element, even horror).

Word count: 3500 words or less. This is a firm limit. If you submit a longer story, it will be rejected unread and that will count as a submission. Do not query to ask permission to submit something longer–the answer will be no.

Pay rate: 10 cents per word (more than the minimum professional rate as deemed by SFWA)

Multiple submissions: A total of TWO submissions per author during this submission window. You don’t have to wait for one response to send the second one–you can just send both whenever you want during the window.

Simultaneous submissions: No. We understand we are tying up your story while you wait, and so we strive to respond as quickly as possible. While each year might be different, last year the maximum wait time to get a first response (a rejection or a hold notice) was 14 days. The maximum overall wait time if someone submitted on the first day and was held, was about 6 weeks.

Reprint submissions: No. That means you should not submit anything that has been published in any format, blog, e-zine, print, podcast, anything. Sharing stories with other authors in login-protected critique sites like Baen’s Bar or Critters is fine.

Resubmits: No. Do not send a story you’ve submitted to us before, whether it’s been revised or not.

Estimated Resolution Time: 30 days after end of submission window. I will send initial responses to stories as I read them, which will either be hold notices or rejections. Hold notices I’ll keep until after the slush window to winnow down to the final selection.

ABOUT ANONYMITY: We have followed a very strict anonymity policy in the past that has meant that stories that were not fully anonymized were immediately disqualified. After some discussion with people in publishing, we have decided to keep the preference for anonymity, but not have such dire consequences if it’s broken. Please try to keep your name out of the story and the story notes boxes. But if you forget, your story will not be disqualified for it. So, please keep it in mind, but don’t sweat it too much. If you query, we prefer that you ask about the submission ID if you have it, and your email address if you don’t, but again, making a mistake is not a disqualifying act.

ABOUT STORY NOTES: We no longer ask for a cover letter on submission, but we do ask if there’s anything you’d like us to know as we read the story. You can tell us it’s a translation in that box. If the story is tied to something of your personal experience, this would be a good place to mention it, if that’s something you want us to keep in mind. For instance, if your protagonist uses a wheelchair and you use a wheelchair, and if you’d like us to be aware of this when reading, you can mention it here. You are never required to enter anything in this box, and it won’t be held against your submission if you don’t.

Speculative fiction–science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Everything should have a speculative element–that includes horror. Feel free to mix in other genres at will–a fantasy mystery or a science fiction romance.

And yes, we really mean it has to have a speculative element. If you submit a serial killer story with only mundane elements, even though that could be a horror story it’s not a speculative horror story and it will be rejected regardless of quality.

Things that we tend to really like:
Weird fiction
Sense of wonder
Strong character and plot arcs
Strong worldbuilding, hinting at more to see around the edges of the story
Philosophical food-for-thought
Straightforward, easily readable style
Religion, where the story does not try to convert the reader, nor does the story demonize religion
Platonic friendship between men and women

etc, etc, etc.