I've always found naming characters to be a super fun part of the planning process, but I haven't needed to name any major characters lately so I've been missing the thrill of finding the perfect name. While thinking of this I've remembered some cool names I've given characters.

For example:

Friday the XIII (13th) - He was a super unlucky prince, but the story he was in didn't get anywhere, so bye-bye Friday.

Bob Smith - Okay, so this name is so boring it made its way onto my interesting radar. I'm currently writing the story he's a side character in, but I've changed his name to Bob Anderson.

Hazel and Lezah - They were twins in a SF in a story that never got past the couple year long planning phase. If you read Lezah's name backwards it is "Hazel".

Those are some of mine. What are some of your interesting names?