Accomplishment - I finished writing my story at 231K words on July 2. (scratching my head...) I had planned on writing about 160-170K but the story just kept going.

Next step is to cut the book down at least 50-70K words. I have several rewrites, including the beginning of the book and then will get serious about diving into the editing. After that I will send it out to Beta Readers and step away from the book for a month while I work on developing a web page. The list goes on.

Goal for the day - My immediate goal for this weekend is to complete the reviews/edits from one of my developmental readers through chapter 10.
Goal for the week - rewrite the beginning of the book and send it out for review.
Goal for the week - tweak a character ending and make adjustments based on feedback.
Goal for the month - account for all the suggestion balloons and update accordingly.
Goal for the month - complete all the updates from developmental readers.
Goal for next month - dive into the full self-edit mode addressing everything from POV to show-vs-tell.
Target October to have the book ready for full beta-reading.

Good luck to everyone!