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I also have written based on feedback provided early on in my efforts. Someone close to me read my early material and, being brutally honest, told me my MC was too strong. I needed faults, weaknesses, and defeats to make him more realistic. So, in the closing chapters of the book, the MC had just come off two victories and I felt he was due for a defeat, hence the loss of someone he cared for. There was additional purpose to the death in that it orphans another main character which was intended all along. Also the death of Female #2 only heightens an already existing desire for vengeance.
So because he needs to be weakened and suffer a defeat, a woman is killed for achieve that for him. Thatís pretty much textbook womanís death as a plot device instead of being integral to her character/story. The orphan bit is the same device.

For example when Jamie Lannister becomes too self-assured and undefeated he loses his hand, or he gets taken prisoner instead of George RR Martin just killing off Brienne to impact Jamie.