Hello there!

My name is Ben, though feel free to call me Panda. Either is okay with me ^^

Seeing as there are, as far as I know, zero writing groups or anything like that in my area, I decided to look up online ones. That's when I came across this site. It seems like a pretty cool place from what I've seen so far.
A couple of weeks ago I finished the first draft of my first full length novel. It's a fantasy story, though some of it is set in the real world, and is the first part of a series. I'm currently taking some time away from the manuscript before I start the whole editing process and I hate it; I just want to be back in the world I created haha.

Aside from writing, some of my other hobbies and interests include: Drawing and art, reading, comic books, anime and manga, video games, pro-wrestling, TV and movies, photography, music.

I've never been very good at introducing myself so I hope this was okay!

See you around!