Hi AW. I hope your week/day/preferred duration of time is treating you well.

I joined on here many years ago (almost a decade...cue the "I'm old" feelings) and didn't end up sticking around too long. That was then, and of course my life is pretty different now. But my love of stories has certainly endured! So I'm back here, hopefully a little wiser and more serious about getting into a good writing community.

What can I say about me? I'm fast approaching the big 3-0; am married to the perfect goof-ball-guy for me (going on our 5th at the end of the year). No kiddos (yet). I'm back in school, getting a masters in art and design. Hopefully I'll break into the exciting world of games (traditional and/or video) with it. Things I love? In no particular order: Friends and Family, TV/Movies, Fantasy Books, Nonfiction Books, Webcomics, Role-Playing games (text, tabletop, video, and live action), Learning, Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, Costumes, Swords, Good design, and Jesus.

I guess you could say I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, and dreaming up stories even before then. Though, I don't have a lot of completed work or anything official to show for it. But no time like the present to change that. :)

I'll quit rambling now, haha. It's a delight to meet you all. Thanks for reading my post!