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Thread: Marketing Struggles?

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    Marketing Struggles?

    Hey writing gang. Here to share experience and hopefully learn from the experience of others. I've done some wild things for marketing. Things like build a whole website, complete with a blog and interactive video page. Said video page is all embedded from a YouTube channel where I combine my writing and teaching expertise to help others sharpen their skills and have fun writing. For all of it... I haven't gotten much traffic.

    To say it's disheartening is a massive understatement. It helps to have a schedule for creating all these extraneous services, and make sure I still actually WRITE everyday. But I'm having such a hard time breaking out with the writing, I've turned to all sorts of things to boost my visibility. Guest posting all over... Paying for ads that never pan out. Not throwing a pity party by any means. I still wake up every morning, do what I have to do, film, write articles, ghostwrite, and work on my own books. Just wondering if anyone else was going through something similar or had any tips to do better? Thanks in advance. Happy writing everyone!

    EDIT: Duh, I should have provided links! Here are my biggest projects I'm looking to gain traffic for now (as many of you have already found):

    My ebook:
    My website:
    My YouTube channel:

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