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Thread: Bump this thread whenever Scrivener syncing bugs give you a heart attack

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    profoundly de minimis pharm's Avatar
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    Apr 2019
    Yeah, I’ve used their troubleshooting recommendations — including the steps required to get rid of those persistent post-sync errors that keep cropping up even after versions are righted again. That’s an old article at this point, yet the problem still pops up on their support forums regularly (and about half the App Store reviews highlight issues with syncing).

    It’s possible that some of the sync issues are caused by my not “closing out” the iOS app consistently when I’m finished with it (though I always manually save). But that itself is an annoyance which goes entirely against iOS design ethos; I’ve never worked with another app that required quitting for proper sync function. Part of the convenience of working on an iPad is that the device is always on and ready to go when you need it. You rarely need to restart the system, your apps more or less stay open exactly where you left off, and because of the way memory management works you scarcely need to quit anything except to address an app freeze.

    The quirk also means that if you happen to leave home or the office with Scrivener open on a device there, you’re risking havoc by opening it at another location. That’s a frustrating design. And it’s not a problem I’ve ever encountered with Google Docs, Pages, Office 365, or any app that makes use of iCloud sync. It’s also worth noting that none of those require (slow) manual saving to keep cloud-updated, which itself feels like a throwback to the 90s.

    But again, Scrivener is amazing at everything else is does. I consider the frustrations a price worth paying for the rest of the functionality, because lord knows the dollar price of the app is negligible by comparison.
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