So I have two YA projects that I have been querying. Lately I have been struggling with feeling like I've pretty much run the gamut with both of them and should give up on querying them. Then I check myself and realize that's stupid, because I've only sent about 50 queries on one of them and about 30 on the other. Definitely part of the reason I've been feeling so hopeless about them is just because, well, querying sucks and makes you doubt yourself, but I think the other part of the problem is that I actually do feel like I'm running out of people to submit them to. Which sounds silly - there are more than 30-50 agents out there repping YA fantasy, of course. But the thing is, I've heard the same advice from agents and authors alike - don't just submit to any agent that reps your genre. Find ones that actually seem like a good match for your book. I kind of feel like I've done that, and like it's getting harder and harder to find agents that seem like a good match.

I guess my question do other people do it? Because I know most writers don't just give up on a project after sending out 50 queries or so. Do you, in fact, just query any agent that reps your genre? Am I not doing enough research on agents/researching correctly? I usually check an agent's online presence, i.e., their agency's website, their Twitter feed, what people say about them on querytracker, their MSWL page, if they have one, their blog, if they have one.

One of these projects I haven't queried at all for the past several months because I'm just not sure who else to query to. But I always hear people say they'll query hundreds of agents before giving up, so...what am I missing here?