I'm finding it really interesting to listen to Vicky Ward, the one-time Vanity Fair reporter tasked with writing a profile on Epstein in 2002. She details her experience in a compelling twitter thread that starts here>>https://twitter.com/VickyPJWard/status/1148241562251517954

She knew all along something was very shady with his financial picture and she also uncovered early evidence of his sexual predations. She had witnesses on the record that Epstein had tried to seduce a 16 year-old, but Graydon Carter, VF's powerful editor, cut all references to the incident from the article because "Jeffrey was sensitive about 'the girls.'"

One thing that has always been clear, but cases like this bring into even sharper focus, is how cozy the NY media is with the powerful, rich men of the city. There was plenty of evidence to follow back in the early 2000's, but neither the Times, nor any of the other prominent publications, seem to have been willing to go after any of these criminals and grifters in their midst. Not until someone else has done most of the job, anyway.