I've been self-pubbing for a while, but for a year now I've been trying to get an agent for my new trilogy (finished earlier this year).

But since I can't stop writing I've also been experimenting with releasing my new sci-fi novel on Wattpad, with about half of it now being up. I want to start preparing my next novel, but I am quite conflicted between ideas. I am absolutely going to do more with that sci-fi setting, but I also want to do some standalone fantasy novels, each in their own settings.

I definitely want to keep releasing something on Wattpad and build a bit of a reader base there. But if I do make my next release one of those standalones, will that sink any possibility of an agent giving it a chance later on? Would I be better off continuing with the sci-fi stories on Wattpad, while pitching the standalones to agents?