I, like many adult Americans, enjoy the occasional glass of bourbon to wind down the evening. I've also known myself to go ham on the bottle, open a blank document, and think to myself, "This is the day I'll write a bloody masterpiece."

A solid nine times out of ten, I'll review it the next day and chuck it in the "never touch again ever" folder. But sometimes, on very rare occasion, I find it's relatively palatable.

What's your take on writing while inebriated? Whether slightly tipsy or straight up wasted, have you ever written something you really enjoyed? Or has it wrecked your stream of thought and totally garbled a story?

I ask this as a humorous query and not a serious discussion, hence posting in the Break Room.

Do you think writing drunk is the worst thing you could possibly do? Or has inspiration ever struck and left a golden nugget of writing in your documents folder? I'd love to hear your stories on things you've written that resulted in The Ultimate Cringe or a surprisingly good piece.