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Rampaging killer editor here. I have worked for the Big Five, won death matches against my own kind in vats of boiling ink, and even survived lunches with grinning agents.

I am hunched over my desk, my breath reeking from a Tabasco, onion, garlic on Limburger sandwich. My glowing green spittle is eating through the floor like the Alien's blood through the Nostromo's decks because I mainline Death Wish Coffee and writers' tears.

What do you do?

You look deeply into the larger of my bloodshot, bulging eyes and go, "FUCK YOU!!!!"

Then you park in front of your desk and write the story YOU want to read.

Every time you imagine my slimy wart-and-scale-covered form looming, about to speak through a pie hole full of needle sharp teeth, blot it out by bellowing, "FUCK YOU!!!!"

Repeat as often as needed and laugh maniacally.

It works.


This is my favourite internet forumpost I have ever seen. Oh wow. I'm not even published and am just trudging through edits but this motivated even me to keep going