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You could always use the public speaking trick and think of the editors naked. I never really understood that one, but it works for some people. You could also think of editors as contemptible wannabe writers (like critics) who love writing so much that they had to find an adjacent job and just tear people down all day because they can't elevate themselves.
I became an editor because I loved books so much. I wanted to work with them all day. I wanted to do all I could to make the books I worked on as good as they possibly could be. I find writers, and the process of writing, fascinating. I don't feel at all that I became an editor because I wasn't a good enough writer myself; and I definitely don't want to "tear people down all day" because I lack the talent to write for myself.

Editors want to help the writers they work with. They don't resent them. They love the books they work with, and do all they can to make those books successful.